UAM Oulu – Urban Air Mobility Oulu

Urban Air Mobility Oulu (UAM Oulu) is the strategic initiative aiming at contributing to the development of the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) domain.

The ultimate objective of UAM Oulu is to achieve city-wide coverage as a UAM living lab providing single entry and one-stop service point for any matters associated with business activities within the City of Oulu U-Space as well as applications of UAS, particularly in the Nordic conditions and enabling technologies for testing, research and demonstration purposes to develop safe, secure and all-weather resilient UAS technologies and promote scalable Urban Air Mobility solutions.

The initiative is established through the partnership of the City of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, in close cooperation with Arctic Drone Labs Finnish national UAS innovation ecosystem and Digital Innovation Hub (ADL DIH).

UAM Oulu actively contributes to the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility and U-Space in Europe by being involved in the activities of UAM Initiative Cities Community – UIC2 of the EU Smart Cities Marketplace (formerly known as EIP-SCC), through the DIH networks and joint national and international RDI projects of partner organisations.

Considering social and ecological aspects in technology development and urban planning, UAM Oulu develops a broad vision about the future of urban, suburban, peri-urban/inter-urban and rural areas with a special focus on the Nordic challenges of different industries domains, including transportation and particularly UAS applications in severe weather conditions.

UAM Oulu partners collaborate on disruptive innovation, particularly with relevance to mobility, robotics and autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and communications, partners contribute together with local, national and international stakeholders to the development of cutting edge ICT infrastructure facilitating the implementation of Smart City Oulu. Members of our team contribute to the development of the 5G Test Network and are involved in the activities of the 6G Flagship. We are a part of the largest Nordic ICT network, Allied ICT Finland.



UAM Oulu Lead

Vadim Kramar, vadim.kramar (at)

  • Stakeholder Value chain Heikki Huhmo, heikki.huhmo(at)
  • Regulations Prof. Juha Röning, juha.roning(at)
  • Infrastructure Risto Jurva, risto.jurva(at)
  • General Public (vacant)
  • Resources Kimmo Paajanen, kimmo.paajanen(at)
  • UAM Oulu Experts
  • Adj. Prof. Jussi Haapola, jussi.haapola (at)
  • Dr. Sc. (Tech.) Tuomo Hänninen, tuomo.hanninen (at)
  • Timo Lind, timo.lind (at)